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Banks Brace For Cyber Attacks In 2021

Why cyber attacks make precious metal investments more appealing than ever in 2021.

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Financial “Medicine” Makes Economy Sicker

The Federal Reserve dismisses inflation concerns. Do you believe them?

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How’s Your Portfolio Looking?

The Federal Reserve is dismissing any concerns about inflation, so do we trust them?… Probably not.

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Silver Projected To Strong Arm Gold In 2021

Silver is expected to be the best performing precious metal in 2021 at $28.50.

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Hi Ho Silver!

Despite the stalling of the #silvershortsqueeze, is silver still set to soar?

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US Government Hits Biggest December Debt In History

The US government ran the biggest December budget deficit in history last month.

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Top Investors Believe Stocks Will Be Worse Under Biden

Two-thirds of those polled said that they believe the stock market will be worse during Biden’s four-year term.

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Silver Projected Primary Metal In 2021

Silver’s bull market is just beginning and could become the “primary metal” in benefiting from electrification and quantitative easing next year.

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Bye By Middle Class

Biden’s tax plan will take a bite out of small businesses and destroy the economy taking down the middle class with it.

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Civil War Is Imminent Post Election 2020

According to 61% of US population, a majority of consumers are stockpiling supplies and looking for safer ways to protect their money.

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Gold Up, Dollar Down

Gold jumped above 2% as the dollar slid, with U.S. stimulus funds adding to bullion’s appeal as an inflation hedge.

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