About Us

Wholesale Direct Metals, Inc. is a discount volume precious metals dealer specializing in US-Minted certified and numismatic coins and also offers a complete product line of investment metals including bullion. Wholesale Direct Metals is a proven leader in the precious metals industry. We are proud of our results, but prouder still of the energy and determination we provide to our clients every single day. We commit ourselves to taking the time to understand the relationship between the client and their specific goals. That and our dedication to ethics have been our hallmark. To be bigger is important to some, but for us, nothing is more important than being the best. Our promise to our clients is to deliver financial experience, intellect, accuracy, and innovation in everything we do. Through prudent and well targeted hard-asset ownership, we have helped change the face of wealth management to empower the individual investor.

Wholesale Direct Metal’s main objective is to create an avenue through which the household-investing public can access the advantages of Wholesale Direct Metals’ pricing model. We want to help investors protect their wealth, build a measure of stability into their portfolios in an unstable economic time, and ultimately, help empower people to manage their wealth in a way that helps them feel more secure.

Wholesale Direct Metals will help you:

  • Access an ethical buying process which, until recently, was only available to institutional, commercial or bulk buyers
  • Avoid paying the typically large spreads used by the retail dealers you see or hear advertising on TV and Radio
  • Learn about matching your goals to the product you invest in for maximum effectiveness, protection and growth
  • Understand the precious metals market in a way that makes you very comfortable with participating in them
  • Track your portfolio, understand where we are in the investment cycle and how to use this knowledge effectively
  • Liquidate your precious metals with effective timing and in a way that is very simple and secure
  • Protect your nest egg and retirement through our precious metal-backed IRA and 401k programs
  • Create a relationship that you can rely on, feel confident with, and that is consistent for you
  • Offer you an alternative to the volatility of stocks, the lack of return in banking products, and protection from a failing US Dollar
  • We look forward to assisting you with your precious metal needs and helping you learn about and navigate this market.

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