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Financial WMDs to Take Down World Economy

Everyone knows that the 2008 Global Economic Collapse was caused primarily by banks’ unregulated casino-style gambling.  Instead of blackjack and slots, the banks bet massively on financial derivatives known as a “credit default swaps,” which Warren Buffett famously called “weapons of financial mass destruction.”  But what most people don’t know is that the criminal banks are ignoring Buffet’s warning and once again betting massively on swaps, to the tune of over $30 TRILLION – 8 times the budget of the United States Government and more than the entire value of the U.S. stock market!  Now that the banks have reopened the casino doors, experts predict that these financial WMDs will take down the global economy worse than we’ve ever seen.  And there’s only ONE THING you can do to protect yourself.

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Obama’s MyRA Scam: Your Savings Pays for US Debt

In one of the most shocking State of the Union Addresses in recent memory, President Obama announced he will create a new kind of retirement account – the MyRA – which uses your retirement savings to buy U.S. Treasures and pay for U.S. debt.  Obama’s announcement follows a number of startling events which demonstrate how desperate the government is becoming:  with nowhere else to turn, the government is making a last-ditch effort to seize personal savings & retirement to fund the nation’s insurmountable debt.  And there’s only ONE thing you can do to stop it from happening.

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Experts Predict Imminent Collapse of U.S. Dollar

For the last 600 years, there have been six different global reserve currencies controlled by world superpowers.  The latest – the U.S. dollar – has dominated world currency for over 80 years.  The alarming fact is, global reserve currencies have collapsed every 80-90 years for the last six centuries!  What does this mean for America and the dominance of the U.S. dollar?  Based on recent evidence and long-standing historical trends, experts predict the imminent collapse of the U.S. dollar!  What’s more alarming?  Many Americans aren’t yet doing the one thing that will save their savings & retirement from U.S. dollar collapse.

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Alarming Gov't Plan to Confiscate Your Savings

Governments have been confiscating citizens’ savings for decades through deficits, inflation and outright theft, and it's about to get worse.  Bankrupt governments will do whatever is necessary to survive and feed the welfare state, and they have never been more bankrupt than they are right now.  Look no further than Poland confiscating half of citizen pensions.  If you knew the government was going to steal your savings from you, would you do anything differently to protect your savings now?  It’s an important question to think about now, because they ARE coming for your money, and some newly-discovered facts prove it.

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The Fed Just Guaranteed $9 Gas and $3800 Gold

As the Fed continues to mildly taper their enormous stimulus program, it's more obvious than ever that a few powerful men have hijacked our economic, financial and political structure.  And here's a news flash: They aren’t socialists or capitalists.  They’re criminals.  The Fed's policy of buying billions of dollars worth of toxic banking assets and U.S. debt per month means the money-printing factory has gone into high gear. Not only can you say goodbye to your paper-based savings and retirement, but the Fed's actions just guaranteed $9 gas and $3800 gold.

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